Rosebud Mission Trip

“At the end of June, my brother and I went on a mission trip to Rosebud, South Dakota and helped the people at the Two Strike Indian reservation. We played with the kids and ran a VBS, repaired their bikes, and cooked them meals. I loved giving them piggyback rides all over the playground. I also enjoyed hanging out with the other high schoolers that went and got to be very good friends with some of them. I am really going to miss all the kids from the reservation and the other high schoolers from the trip. Thank you for the support to allow me to go to Rosebud. We’ll be talking more in-depth about our trip at the youth service on August 18.”  — Amber Semler

“Last month, Amber and I went on a mission trip to Rosebud in South Dakota. It was a valuable experience and we gained a lot of perspective on how other people lived. We helped repair bikes, gave them meals, and entertained and gave kids attention many of them likely wouldn’t get otherwise. I really enjoyed getting to bond with some of my friends who came with me on the trip, and I think the perspective that I got was invaluable. Thank you for the support that we received to get this amazing opportunity and I’ll make sure to tell you all about it in August.” — Loren Semler