Quilts for Lutheran World Relief

Service Workshop is a special group of talented women who meets twice a month to make quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  LWR quilts are shipped all over the world and go to poverty-stricken areas, hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages and similar ministry organizations.  The quilts are used to shield against cold and rain and for warm bedding. They also may be a simple tent, floor covering, means to hold belongings, or a wrap to hold a baby on a mother’s back. 

“Quest for Quilts”, held on September 28th, was a day of marathon quilt-making in preparation of packing the annual shipment of quilts to LWR.  120 full size quilts and 25 lap robes were lovingly pieced, stitched, and tied. In addition, 180 School Kits, 31 Baby Kits and 15 Sewing Kits that have been assembled this year were made ready to accompany the quilts to various destinations.

Made possible by many hands and hearts, these gifts are an outward expression of God’s love. The power and effect an act of love can have on a person’s life is beyond our imagining. It is amazing and humbling that God can use something as small as a quilt, a notebook, a bar of soap, a baby blanket or a needle and thread to radiate His love from us to the world.