Leading the Church in Song

Association of Lutheran Church Musicians

ALCM is a strong and successful service and professional organization with approximately 1,700 members, dedicated to the cause of strengthening the ministry of music in the Lutheran Church. It serves through a wide range of publications, conferences, and local, regional, and national events. ALCM is widely recognized as a significant force in Lutheran church music.

Membership in ALCM is drawn from all major Lutheran bodies as well as other denominations and is open to church musicians (full-time, part-time, retired, volunteer), pastors, and others who have an interest in the goals of the association.
ALCM goals include:
● Strengthening our Lutheran liturgical heritage
● Defining and supporting the role of the church musician, full-time and part-time
● Espousing professional standards
● Encouraging spiritual growth
● Fostering professional exchange
● Guidelines for employment
● Advocating college and seminary training in liturgy and music
● Strengthening professional relationships between clergy and musicians
ALCM’s primary goal is expressed in its mission statement: ALCM nurtures and equips musicians to serve and lead the church’s song.

I have been a member of ALCM since 2018. I have attended conferences in Valparaiso, IN (the home of their headquarters), and Portland, OR. They provide me with a great deal of print and email information regarding church musical history, liturgy, and musical techniques.

If I remember correctly, answering an ALCM ad brought me to Grace.

As you saw in our worship on Christmas Eve, ALCM coordinated a virtual Christmas carol, Angels We Have Heard On High. Over a thousand musicians and singers from across the country participated to create this recording. They provided music for whatever instrument or voice part that you could contribute, as well as a video with which to play or sing along. I recorded my part, and sent them my recording. They then blended all the recordings together to create what you saw in our Christmas Eve service.

ALCM has been an important part of my ability to provide Grace with the best musical direction that I can.

Paul Wood
Director of Music