Highlighting our Youth at Grace

In August, our youth led a worship service and reminded us of the need to look for spiritual mentors in people both older and younger than us.  We had youth from 3 years old to recently graduated high school seniors participate in our worship service.  They all used their God given gifts to inspire and lead us in worship.  They truly were a beacon of faith and inspired many people with their stories, words, and pictures of faith.  If you missed the service, look it up on YouTube under our “Grace Lutheran Church” channel and look for the August 23rd service.  Thanks again to all of our youth who participated.

As Fall approaches, we at Grace are taking advantage of what we hope will be good weather to hold an outdoor worship service on September 27th at 9:30 am on the south lawn to publicly affirm the baptism of 11 of our 9th grade youth.  For over 2 years, these students have come together in fellowship and in study of scripture and Lutheran doctrine as they have grown into young adulthood.  At this worship service, they will affirm their baptism and their faith in front of their congregation.  We look forward to this special day along with all who care deeply about these students.  Please note, that if it rains, this service will be held on October 4th instead.