Good Summer Reads

Joshua and the City – Joseph F. Girzon
There are times when the human race falls so deeply into despair that it seems only a visit from God can bring it back from the brink of utter devastation. Many people, when they look at the dangerous problems in today’s society, fear that we live in just such a time. Joshua makes his eagerly awaited return to answer this fear as he confronts the needs and injustices that face the resilience of a nameless city. But this is a Joshua you’ve never seen before! Amazing!

Kiss – Ted Dekker and Erin Healy
Let me tell you all I know for sure…” and that was the start of the story. The human brain could actually be the real final frontier – we know so little about it and yet it drives the world as we know it. So when authors like Ted and Erin bravely explore these mysterious regions, going into complex places like memory and soul and relationships will hook you. Ted Dekker has written many best-selling novels. A great read!