Gift Bags Delivered

The Outreach Team assembled gift bags and distributed them to Growing With Grace students and those who would have attended VBS this summer.  We wanted these families to know that God’s love doesn’t stop, and Grace has not stopped caring about them.  It took many hands to make and deliver the bags and those who assisted were blessed as much – if not more – than the recipients.  They shared their thoughts:

It was so much fun to deliver the bags, especially when the families were outside to receive them! I heard from many families how much they were looking forward to VBS and/or how much they appreciated the preschool and the Church. I also loved seeing the yard signs of GWG Graduates! I had no idea how many “Grace” children lived in our neighborhood who had participated in Grace’s programming in some way.  

Even though I was in on the bags plan, it was still so meaningful when Cara personally dropped off the bag for our kids. They, of course, were super-excited for some new things. I personally felt the love and care put into the bags and the time investment for Cara (and others) to make the deliveries. Reason #892 why I love Grace!!

The unexpected surprise on the faces of parents was special.

Just the quick hello to different families  from a distance also made me feel a little normal.

What this outreach meant to me: It was fun to meet a couple of new people that I didn’t know before. When I explained about the goody bags, they were so happy and appreciative of the gesture.

There was one dad and his two small kids playing outside in the driveway and the surprise and excitement of the family when I delivered the package was so nice to see. 

Click here to see the items that were included in the bag (and directions for use).