Confirmation at Grace Lutheran

Confirmation for Lutherans actually means affirmation of baptism and, as a congregation; we affirm baptism at two occasions in the life of the church.  The first way is by offering a curriculum of education and fellowship that begins in 7th grade and runs through Fall of 9th grade.  This time of biblical and doctrinal study, along with fun activities and meals, gives students a chance to learn more about who and whose they are as Christians.  We will celebrate Confirmation for our 9th graders on Sunday, October 27th at our 9:30 worship service.  This is also Reformation Day when we remember the inadvertent founding of our Lutheran Denomination as an offshoot of Roman Catholicism.

The second occasion that invites folks to affirm their baptism is the time when folks who have completed our newcomer classes decide to become members.  When newcomers are welcomed into membership, we invite each of them to affirm their baptism before the congregation and with them we all affirm our faith.

Both of these occasions give us opportunity to celebrate and thank God for the love we were first shown by the grace poured out upon us at our baptism.