Church Remodeling

Several projects are currently underway to update different areas of the church building.  As a positive outcome of the stay-at-home orders, remodeling can take place at a more rapid pace without interrupting the preschool or other groups who share our facility.

Hallways and Library

Hallways and ceilings on the main floor have been repainted.  New directional signage will help guide members and guests to various areas of the building.  The shelves in the library area are showing their age and have been replaced with new units that coordinate with the new chairs purchased by Growing With Grace earlier in the year.  A Welcome Center is being added to the Narthex and will serve as a centerpoint for information to visitors and members alike.  The thoughtful research and ideas by the Hospitality Team will help to create a warm and welcoming space for all who worship at Grace.

Cafe Grace 

While it has taken a while, we are finally ready to begin the remodel work in Cafe Grace.  Demolition has started followed by the installation of the new hard surface floors, new cabinets and counter tops.  While the general layout of the space will be similar, several improvements have been designed to make the space more functional for our continued use. These include:

  • Reconfiguration of the kitchen area to allow for increased capacity 
  • The new 7′  island will be turned 90 degrees and will feature power and a seating area
  • A new coffee station will be located next to the refrigerator allowing easier access   
  • Cabinetry will extend higher and be more functional
  • Overall counter space will be increased significantly and be created with quartz
  • The area to the right (north) of the hallway to the library area will be redesigned to offer a welcoming visual for those entering from the parking lot.  The TV will be relocated to this area.
  • The east wall (with the door to the parking lot) will be redesigned with large closets to house the extra tables, chairs, and additional supplies, while still maintaining counter space for our normal uses.

While Cafe Grace will be unavailable for use during construction, we hope to have the majority of the work completed by the end of June.