Christmas Eve Worship

This year is different.  This is a phrase that many of us have both spoken and heard since March 2020.  This is a phrase that may be wearing us down and making us sad.  We long for normal.  Last year did not seem exceptional to many of us, but now we look back at it with longing.  We look back to gatherings where we could shake hands, hug, sing and praise God together in one room.  Much has changed over the course of 2020, but at least one thing remains. We will celebrate again the birth of his son and tell the story that many of us know so well and all of humanity needs to hear.

This Christmas Eve, we will worship online on the Grace YouTube Channel with many  familiar hymns and songs.  Have a candle or a special light ready because we’ll invite you to light it just before we sing Silent Night.  We’ll be singing from different places but it will be the same song that we have often intoned over the years.  We can be assured that no matter where we are worshipping, Jesus will show up. We are loved, forgiven, known and cared for and we will be ok.

Visit the Sermons and Services page to find the link to our Christmas Eve worship service.

Merry Christmas!