Car Parades

Car parades seem to be a popular activity these days, and it is a fun way to reach out to some of our members.  For several weeks, a group of 8 to 12 cars have joined in a caravan on a route with honking horns, cheering and signs of encouragement.   Different members are chosen each week to receive visits, and are notified in advance of the arrival of the parade so they may watch safely from their front window, doorway or driveway.  The activity is certainly enjoyed by the recipients, but is also meaningful for those participating.  Here is what some of the parade “entries” said:

“We decided to join the car parades because we wished to uplift the spirits of our church people who are confined in their homes for different reasons at this time.  We believe that it has a positive effect for all concerned.  We feel that there is gratitude on the faces of the people that are visited and we feel fortunate that we can bring a smile and happiness to each one of them.  We have received numerous phone calls afterwards thanking us and we tell them, “thanks“.  We believe it is a very small way to help our people out and we are so happy that we can be a part of the group doing it.”  Carol and Ken Kulas

Our grandson fell asleep just before we got to Carmen and Jeff’s.  When we got home, he opened his eyes as Jim carried him in to put him in bed, and said, “That was a great parade!”  The first thing he said when he arrived at our house Monday morning was,”Having a parade today?”  I guess we’re making memories for him, too!   Wendy and Jim Kemp

“I joined so I could feel useful in some way. The most rewarding part was receiving a note back in the mail telling how appreciative the recipients were. We don’t want anyone to feel neglected or forgotten so it’s a small way to reach out.”   Linda Z.