Adult Education Series

The Thoughtful Christian: Asking Tough Questions about Faith

A 6-week Adult Ed series beginning February 2, 2020 following the 9:30 worship service

This class is dedicated to the thoughtful Christian. It is dedicated to the Christian who truly believes but wants to ask some serious questions about their faith. Many of us are afraid to ask hard questions of our faith. In this class, no question is wrong, out of place, or inappropriate. Each class will explore a new topic in our Christian faith and discuss these topics as believers who may still have questions. Brian Smith, a Christian Ethics professor at the College of Lake County, will lead conversations around the following topics:

● Final Jeopardy: Isn’t it Unchristian to Raise Questions About our Faith?
● Keep Your Filthy Philosophical Fingers Off My Faith
● Isn’t the Bible Just Another Story Book; Like Harry Potter Minus the Cool Costumes?
● In God We Trust – No Matter What Madeline Murry O’Hair Says
● Oh Lord, Please Help Me Find a Parking Spot and Oh Yes, Help Aunt Martha Get Well
● Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People – Wait – Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?