A Simple Act of Kindness

Early this spring I had the opportunity to perform a simple act of kindness, and never dreamed what would unfold from that – literally.

I met Fred through a friend. He needed a face mask and heard that I was making them. No problem! I gave him a couple of masks, and in chatting with him, I learned that his wife had passed away two years ago and that she had been a quilter. I told Fred about Grace’s Service Workshop and the quilts that we make for Lutheran World Relief. Fred donated all of her fabric to us. I think it will make 50 or more quilts! One person’s masks will lead to dozens of people being helped. I told him about our Sunday “quilt show” and hope that he will come when his wife’s contributions are on display.

The world is abundant with acts of generosity and loving kindness. In these difficult times, it’s easy to focus on all the sadness and anger. Through our gifts and our hands doing God’s work, we can make a difference!

Contributed by Grace member Pam Morton