A New Look

Sanctuary Changes

The next time you come to church you may notice a few things don’t look quite the same.  Your eyes aren’t tricking you! There are fewer rows of pews in the front of the sanctuary and a new row of chairs on each side.  Additionally, the chairs in back by the organ have been replaced by short pews. The changes were necessitated because of a “good problem”.  The music team has outgrown their space, and it was becoming more difficult for people to navigate pews, music stands and instruments as they came forward for communion.  Exchanging long pews for flexible seating should help alleviate congestion.

We know these changes may affect those who prefer to sit in a particular seat each week. Others may welcome this as an opportunity to try out a new seat.  We hope ALL who worship will remember that God welcomes us to His house with open, loving arms, regardless of where we sit!